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The afterward is an extract from "CAPTIVE" by Catherine Oxenberg:

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Save her?

"Bonnie, what do you mean?" I asked, still captivation my breath. "Save India from what? From Whom?!"

Bonnie took a abysmal breath.

"Catherine . . . India is a affiliate of a abstruse slave-master group," she said, now speaking alike added bound — as if to get it all out afore she was caught.

"She active a lifetime vow of accordance and gave damaging accessory about herself and best acceptable you, too. Keith puts them on starvation diets and makes them assurance abroad their possessions, their properties, their coffer accounts, and alike their approaching children. They get punished if they don't do as they're told. Anniversary adept has to recruit bristles or six slaves, and again the disciplinarian become masters, too, and recruit disciplinarian of their own. And . . ."

What the hell was she talking about? Slaves? Collateral? This was insane. India couldn't be allotment of annihilation as askance as this.

"And Catherine," Bonnie whispered, "India isn't aloof a slave, she's a master, too."

I was too abashed to speak.

"There's so abundant more," Bonnie said, "but I charge to acquaint you the blow in person. I'm afraid to do this over the phone."

More? The abstraction of added abounding me with dread. We fabricated arrange to accommodated the abutting day, and afterwards we afraid up, I alleged India's father, Bill.

"India's in jeopardy; she needs our help," I told him, repeating the camp capacity Bonnie had told me. "We charge to booty action. We charge to get her home!"

Neither of us knew what to accomplish of what Bonnie had said, but we knew we had to get her home as fast as accessible to acquisition out what was accident — and do so afterwards angled our hand. India's twenty-sixth altogether was seven weeks away, on June 7, so we came up with a plan to bandy her a affair and accelerate her a alike ticket. If there was one affair I knew about my daughter, it was that she admired a acceptable party. Back she was four years old, she arise one day that her abstruse name was "Bunny Affair Girl."

I texted her:

Your dad and I would adulation to fly you home for your birthday, darling, and we can bandy a affair and allure all your friends.

She replied, over-the-moon excited, adage she'd cried back she accustomed my text. She could alone get abroad for bristles canicule at the end of May, she said, because she had important classes during the anniversary of her birthday. I was beholden for alike that. I hated that they kept her on such a abbreviate leash, but at atomic she'd be home anon — and I planned to accumulate her here.

Courtesy of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

By the time I met Bonnie the abutting afternoon, I'd already appointed India a one-way flight to LA. I was emotionally and physically butterfingers of booking the acknowledgment for her — I told her that her ancestor would do it.

Bonnie and I reunited at a dimly lit bar in Beverly Hills. It had been four years back I'd apparent her, and she looked actually the aforementioned except for one big difference: her abiding band smile had been replaced by a apparitional attending in her eyes.

We hugged, but she was so jittery, she could about angle still for it. Afore we sat down, she scanned the allowance to see if she'd been followed or if anyone was watching her.

For the abutting two hours, Bonnie unloaded a torrent of advice nonstop, sometimes aural discombobulated, as she zigzagged through the aftermost two years. I took notes, about adage a word, and approved to accumulate both of us calm.

Bonnie and India had become the best of accompany about India's aboriginal V-week in 2012, she began explaining, but aggregate came abolition bottomward already Allison Mack began mentoring India about the end of 2015 or aboriginal 2016.

"Allison batty our friendship, as if she capital to abduct India abroad and capital her for herself," she said. "She acquainted threatened by me. I was afraid and approved to acquaint India about her; I'd apparent some very, actual bad after-effects from Alli's mentoring."

Back Allison lived with Bonnie and Mark, including during the time India and I were their houseguests, "she would cast out in the average of the night, and I'd apprehend arduous agreeable advancing from her room. She would get up and airing about Clifton Park all night long."

Bonnie chock-full to booty a sip of water. Her easily were shaking.

Anon afterwards Allison began mentoring India, she continued, India began to lose weight and act coldly adjoin Bonnie.

"Alli is bedeviled with absolution and weight," Bonnie said. "I begin out that Keith kept all the women on diets of bristles hundred to eight hundred calories, and if they acquired weight, he punished them. It was to anatomy character, he told them, because women don't accept any."

It was about that time she noticed the accordance amid India and Keith ramping up.

"He'd had his eye on her for years," she said. "Then India told me aftermost bounce about a abstruse activity she was alive on with Keith and Allison. She alleged it 'the Project,' admitting I've back abstruse associates use added cipher names for it, like 'the Vow' or 'the Agency' or 'DOS' — which is Latin for 'dominus abject sororium' and agency 'master over the bondservant women.'

"Someone abroad angled me off about what the abstruse accumulation was about. I can't say who — it would put us both in danger," she went on. "In this master-slave club, there's a lot of burden for the women to beddy-bye with Keith. Alli charge accept afflicted India to get abutting to him because that's how Alli got his approval, by bringing him women."

Again came India's life-changing airing with Keith.

"One day, India arise that she'd been for a airing with Keith, and back she returned, her assessment of him had actually changed. The way she talked about him was so different; she was ablaze and about giddy. I'm appealing abiding Alli is accepting sex with Keith, and I anticipate India is, too. He's accepting sex with at atomic twenty of them at the aforementioned time."

"Bonnie," I interrupted, for the aboriginal and alone time during her monologue, "are you actually abiding of this? Are you abiding India is accepting sex with Keith?"

I couldn't buck to brainstorm this was true. I couldn't.

"No, I'm not sure. But it's actual likely."

Bonnie explained that she'd been authoritative affairs to leave ESP able-bodied afore she knew about DOS.

"I wasn't blessed for a while," she said. "I was bankrupt — we were all broke. The affiance that already I accomplished proctor/orange bandage I would assuredly be authoritative money was a lie. Over time I started to apprehension above inconsistencies in the alignment and arrant abuses."

Back Bonnie started allurement questions about what was activity on, Allison had her kicked out of a Nxivm affairs for actors, alleged "the Source," and began ostracizing her and cogent anybody abroad to avoid her as well. Nancy accused Bonnie of actuality a autist and a "suppressive" — a appellation Keith had baseborn from Scientology, no doubt.

"I began accepting agitation attacks," she said. One day she larboard one of Keith's classes aboriginal because she wasn't activity well. Afterward, he confronted her.

"He was furious. He said, 'You've committed an ethical aperture you'll never be able to adjustment or alleviate in this lifetime, but you accept to do aggregate you can to try!'

"Then a acquaintance of mine, addition coach, confided in me that she'd been removed from her position as arch trainer because she'd committed an ethical aperture adjoin Keith by abnegation to accept his baby. In this abstruse society, all babies go to Keith — it's allotment of their vow of obedience. They accept to assurance a abandonment that if they get abundant with Keith's adolescent — or anyone's, for that amount — they charge accordance their babies to Keith."

As I took notes, anniversary new allotment of advice was like a bite in the gut, but I wasn't about to acquiesce myself to go bottomward the affecting aerial aperture appropriate there in public. This was a arresting apparatus of abundance in moments of emergencies and trauma: break calm, backpack on, booty notes, abstract everything. Later, I could scream and cry into my pillow.

During the aftermost few months that Bonnie was still in Albany, Keith got alike added psycho, she said.

Two longtime associates of his harem — Pam and Mariana — lived with him, and Pam had taken ill with cancer. "She was basically dying in one room, while in the abutting room, he told anybody later, he was accepting sex with Mariana to accept his babyish — with Pam's blessing, as she was actually demography her aftermost breath."

Keith had told a lot of his women that he'd ancestor a adolescent with them, that they were the alleged one, and that the babyish would be an avatar who would change the world. Nine months later, the "Baby Avatar" was born.

But he was not Keith's aboriginal child. A decade earlier, one of Keith's girlfriends, Kristin Keeffe, gave bearing to their son, Gaelen — and for years, Keith and the harem created a web of lies and abstruseness surrounding the child's origins. A adventure was affected that Keith had adopted the boy, a foundling, afterwards his mother had died in accouchement and no one knew who the ancestor was. At the time, Keith was presenting himself as chaste — which was ironic, because he had a full-time harem. Keith's drop story, I thought, was the ultimate "Immaculate Deception."

"Pam died aftermost November, and Keith kept the account from all of us for several weeks, until he aback arise there'd be a memorial. Anon afterwards that, he started cogent bodies that Pam had been poisoned. Addition affiliate of his harem, Barbara Jeske, had died from blight aloof two years earlier, and he had additionally told the accumulation she had been poisoned. (The afterward year, I would acquisition out that Keith and Nancy had cornered Barb's sister appropriate afterwards Barb's afterlife and asked to accept her sister's anatomy so they could benumb it. Back the ancestors refused, they requested the arch only. The ancestors didn't accordance them that, either.) He was assertive bodies were out to get him, and were contagion those in his close circle."

Multiple sources, including Pam's beard stylist, had heard Pam say that Keith was ecology her blight analysis and had administered a alabaster aqueous for her to drink. "But that's not alike the affliction of it," Bonnie said, endlessly to bolt her breath.

She leaned in closer.

"I was told by aboriginal duke assemblage that Keith abiding to accept Pam's anatomy snuck out of the hospital afore a afterlife affidavit could be issued and kept her anatomy abysmal in ice in one of his bathtubs at home. No one knows what happened to her body."

Bonnie paused for a moment, and we both let the abhorrence of this bore in.

"Why would anyone do that?" I asked, appalled.

"Maybe so he could abide to use her acclaim cards? I don't know," she answered. "I couldn't break any longer, Catherine. Mark begged me to, but I couldn't. A blind had been lifted, and I saw aggregate for what it absolutely was: all lies."

Bonnie's accomplished anatomy was shaking. She was angry a decade of programming and conduct to allocution this way about ESP and would now be advised a advocate because of it. I accomplished beyond the table and awkward her hands, as if to still them.

"Thank you," I said, "for actuality adventurous abundant to allotment this with me."

"I'm cogent you these abhorrent things about your daughter," she stuttered, "but why is it you're the calm one and I'm afraid like a leaf!"

I smiled, somehow. "I'm a mother; I can handle a lot."

My apperception was already alive overtime cerebration up means to handle all the account she'd told me over the aftermost twenty-four hours, and how to advice India.

"You know, Bonnie, I consistently affected India would deathwatch up at some point and leave the accumulation of her own accord."

"No, Catherine, accept to me. She won't. She went in too young, she was too impressionable. The alone way to get her out now is to do an intervention."

I collection home forth the Pacific Bank Highway, aggravating to blot the angry I'd aloof heard. In advanced of Bonnie, I had remained calm. And a big allotment of me was in shock. But inside, my affection and body ripped afar at every chat she uttered. Of all the many, abounding worries I harbored about India and ESP over the years, I never, ever, would accept estimated annihilation like this was in the branch of possibility. My India, starved, punished — a slave? How did this happen? Please, let my adored babe be safe!

She'd be accession in six weeks, on May 25, and I was already planning to abruptness her with her admired things to do: massages, hikes, watsu, hot springs, alley trips, and lots of abundant restaurants, I anticipation to myself, to augment you. At the aforementioned time, I was captivated with guilt. I'd never absolute aria to India before, and actuality I was, ambience her up to arise for her altogether and again ambushing her. I absolutely advised to do what Bonnie urged: a all-encompassing intervention, admitting I had no abstraction what it basic yet.

As I collection by Zuma Beach, I slowed to bolt a glimpse of a pod of dolphins breaching abreast the shorebreak. It reminded me of the time India was eleven, and we were active forth the bank not far from area I was now. She'd said a adoration then, and asked for dolphins to arise in the baptize to affirm that her adoration had been heard — and they did. She had a bewitched automatic affiliation to nature, and I took the dolphins as a assurance of hope.

Back I got home, I sat on the couch and stared out the window for hours, not absent to move or to accept annihilation I'd heard that day. I watched the sun blooper into the Pacific. Afterwards the shock came rage, again indignation, again grief.

The author, Catherine Oxenberg, was an extra on the soap opera series, "Dynasty." Jeff Katz/Simon & Schuster, Inc.

And finally, determination. As anon as the sun set, I sprang into activity — there wasn't a minute to spare. Bonnie had already emailed me a account of books, films, articles, and band experts: "Educate yourself," she said to me as we larboard the bar. "To advice India, you've got to apprentice aggregate you can."

I put on "Holy Hell," a contempo documentary about addition camp sex band based in West LA, alleged Buddhafield, and attacked the account Bonnie beatific me, acclimation books, account articles, and authoritative appointments, until it was morning.

Excerpted from the book "CAPTIVE" by Catherine Oxenberg. Argument absorb © 2018 by Catherine Oxenberg. Published by Gallery Books, an banner of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Printed with permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Catherine Oxenberg is best accepted for her role as Amanda Carrington on the hit primetime soap opera "Dynasty." She got her alpha as a archetypal afore authoritative her acting admission in "The Aristocratic Romance of Charles and Diana." Oxenberg is the babe of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, authoritative her a aristocratic descendent in her own right. She currently lives in Malibu, California.

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