The Modern Rules Of Rammstein Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen

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Mein Gott im Himmel!

Rammstein - Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen (2-2) [Teaser ...

Rammstein - Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen (2-2) [Teaser ...

That’s about as abundant Deutsche as I sprechen, sadly. But really, it’s all you charge to say about Rammstein. Though it would additionally be accessible to apperceive the adaptation of the afterward sentence: Please arouse the blaze brigade; I abhorrence my face may be about to access into flame.

For those alien with the Teutonic terrors of automated metal — unlike the 6,000 berserk admirers who took in their bounded admission at MTS Centre on Thursday — you alone actually charge to apperceive one thing: Rammstein adulation pyro. Flames. Explosions. Sparklers. Flares. Fireworks. You name it, they ablaze it up and set it off. And the more, the better. Batter for pound, they go through abundant pyro per achievement to accomplish KISS attending like a agglomeration of sad clowns with a cord of clammy ladyfingers.

Which is not to say that’s all Rammstein accept activity for them. They’ve got some aggresively barbarous anthems, about all of which are delivered with sledgehammering acuteness and articulate — well, barked, actually — in glottal German. And they’ve got an actually beauteous assembly that includes massive amounts of dry ice, confetti, treadmills, affective walkways and affluence of askance humour. And oh yeah, they’ve got a giant, rideable foam-spewing penis cannon.

But let’s alpha at the top. These guys apperceive how to accomplish an entrance. Instead of demography the date like every added band, they marched into the amphitheatre from the side, led by a hooded, whitefaced torchbearer and accustomed flags. Afterwards a behemothic automated aisle bargain from the beam to a accessory stage, spewing dry ice fog and smoke and blaze all the while, they sauntered beyond to the capital stage, which additionally resembled an alone Eastern European factory, with abrupt metal contours and four behemothic fan-shaped lighting rigs that descended from the ceiling.

Once the torchbearer — who angry out to be bassist Oliver Riedel — lit some behemothic blaze pits at either ancillary of the stage, they beggared on their instruments and got bottomward to business with the slow-grinding opener Sonne (at atomic I anticipate it was Sonne; again, my German isn’t about as acceptable as that of admirers who spent the night on their anxiety bellowing every word).

If I bethink correctly, it was about two account afterwards that all hell bankrupt apart — in the anatomy of behemothic horking bonfire that attempt up from the pit in advanced of the date and out over the crowd. From my bench abreast the front, I could feel the heat. I brainstorm alike those on the aback bank got a little taste. Meanwhile, the crazed hordes bottomward advanced were already starting to crowd-surf. Not alike bristles account in, this was already stacking up to be one of the best agitative shows of the year.

It didn’t calm bottomward any from there. Virtually every song included some batty pyromaniacal spectacle. During the hard-grooving Wollt ihr Das Bett in Flammen Sehen?, bonfire attempt out from the date all about thuggish accompanist Till Lindemann. The guitar-crunch canticle Sehnsucht featured a battery of blaze from above, alternating with blooming bonfire erupting beyond the lip of the stage. In Asche zu Asche, guitarists Richard Z. Kruspe and Paul H. Landers sang into (what else?) ablaze mic stands.

Then things got actually serious. During the high-voltage Feuer Frei!, the accompanist and guitarists all donned one of the coolest (and best demented) pieces of accessory I’ve anytime seen: Flamethrowers army in headsets and affiliated to their microphones, so that every agenda they sang produced a behemothic alias of blaze that attempt from their faces. Who wouldn’t appetite one of those?

Another apparatus that could appear in handy: The flamethrowing apparatus gun Lindemann wielded during Mein Teil. He emerged from beneath stage, anointed with blood, clad in a butcher’s outfit, blame a behemothic pot on auto and singing into a microphone with a knife on the end. Angry out keyboardist Christian (Flake) Lorenz — allegedly the official bandage punching bag — was in the pot, which Lindemann proceeded to advance with bonfire as Lorenz flailed abroad inside. Aback the aboriginal beachcomber of blaze didn’t aftermath abundant mayhem, Lindemann did the alone analytic thing: He got a bigger flamethrower and accursed abroad with that, ambience off explosives beneath the pot. Lorenz eventually emerged from his crucible, fireworks spewing from the aback of his sparkly argent duds. Added fireworks rained bottomward on him, block him from the stage. Whatever they’re advantageous him, it isn’t enough.

The ball — bold that’s what that was meant to be — concluded there. But the aberration didn’t. For Du Riechst so Gut, Lindemann emerged with a behemothic bow that spewed sparklers as he whirled about, while his guitarists donned armbands abstemious with flares. During Du Hast, humongous bonfire attempt up and out over the admirers afresh — and bottomward at the bandage from aloft — afore Lindemann best up addition massive gun that accursed fireworks against the aback of the arena, ambience off added accuse that flew aback against the stage.

Right about afresh was aback things actually started to get affectionate of weird. Afterwards Haifisch — which featured Lorenz life-rafting over the army — the bandage alternate to their accessory stage. But they didn’t aloof airing over this time. Instead, best of them crawled like dogs — with bagman Christoph (Doom) Schneider, antic a continued albino wig and a housedress, captivation the bridle and whipping them all the way. (This may or may not be aback the six guys two rows abaft me took off their shirts and started whipping them about over their heads. Not that there’s annihilation amiss with that.) Anyway, afterwards cranking out three songs on the tiny platform, sparking a small-scale mosh-pit in the process, the sextet already afresh beyond aback to the capital stage, area Lindemann batten his aboriginal words of the night: “Ladies and gentlemen, Rammstein. Thank you actual much. Danke schoen.”

Next up: The encores. The aboriginal included Mein Herz Brennt, with Lindemann antic a aglow red affection and captivation a red blaze (which he appeared to put out with his mouth); Amerika, which culminated with agleam beam actuality accursed out of behemothic cannons over the audience; and Ich Will, which included added fireworks (honesty, that was accepting affectionate of old-hat by this point). The additional acclamation was far added interesting. It began with Engel, which begin Lindemann antic a majestic brace of angel wings with flamethrowers at the tips (of course) and fireworks instead of feathers. And afresh came the money shot: The band’s X-rated rocker Pussy, which climaxed (so to speak) with Lindemann benumbed a behemothic penis-shaped cannon aback and alternating in advanced of the crowd, spurting cream over the antic masses who biconcave it up like it was gold dust.

Of course, already you’ve done that, there’s actually annihilation added to say. So the six musicians aggregate at the advanced of the stage, took a knee and angled to the audience, and larboard — apparently in chase of aloe vera and bandages.

Set List:


Wollt ihr Das Bett in Flammen Sehen?

Keine Lust


Asche zu Asche

Feuer Frei!


Mein Teil

Du Riechst so Gut

Links 2-3-4

Du Hast


Bück Dich

Mann Gegen Mann

Ohne Dich


Mein Herz Brennt


Ich Will

Encore 2:




The Modern Rules Of Rammstein Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen - rammstein wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen
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Rammstein - Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen (2-2) [Teaser ...

Rammstein - Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? (Hard-Instrumental ...

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