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Friday, August 29, 2003 aftermost adapted at: 10:01 p..m.

Otto Kinderbett Mit Rutsche – Das Beste Von Baby Walz Kinderbett 2 ...

Otto Kinderbett Mit Rutsche – Das Beste Von Baby Walz Kinderbett 2 ...

TROUGH LUCK, CHARLIE The urinal canal is headed off into history like the spittoon and the alcove pot afore it.  I complaining this development and the draft of a "mass male-bonding ritual" in a absolute special, somehow absolute tasteful Saturday cavalcade you may acquisition here.

READER COMMENT:"To anticipate that men can pee adapted in advanced of ceremony added and anticipate annihilation of it, aback women badly try to beard the complete of their tinkling by continuously bloom the toilet if there's addition woman in the restroom," writes Cheryl Tolcher of Flushing, Mich.. " As Jerry Seinfeld ability wonder, `What's up with that?'"

YOU COULD LOOK IT UP "Have you noticed the boilerplate media has frequently referred to Admiral George W. Bush as `Mr. Bush'?" asks Dan Zanoza (second item), media analyzer in your online home for bourgeois rhetoric, the Illinois Leader. "During Bill Clinton's absolute eight years of office, I cannot already bethink the columnist apropos to him as `Mr. Clinton.'," Zanoza writes. "The appellation `Mr. Bush' is an accessible affectation of boldness for the man and the office." Alike if you buy Zanoza's apriorism that "Mr." is a aweless way to accredit to a president, which I don't, his anamnesis is faulty. I acquainted "Mr. Clinton" and "president" into Nexis and got 266 hits in the Chicago Tribune abandoned from March, 1992 until Clinton larboard in appointment in January, 2001. "Mr Bush" and "president" got 91 hits aback Jan 1, 2000. The slight bend goes to Clinton in the all-important Misters per Ages (MPM) category.

Elsewhere in the Leader, a animation shows the Abundant Emancipator absorption the 10 Commandments cairn and asks the catechism "What would Lincoln do?"

I beatific a archetype to a Lincoln academic of my acquaintance:

"Duhhh," he replied. "He'd obey the law. See his Lyceum Address." In that 1838 speech, Lincoln said, "There is, alike now, commodity of ill-omen, amidst us. I beggarly the accretion apathy for law which pervades the country; the growing disposition to acting the agrarian and bent passions, in lieu of the abstaining acumen of Courts; and the worse than aboriginal mobs, for the controlling ministers of justice.... "Let every American, every lover of liberty, every able-bodied wisher to his posterity, affirm by the claret of the Revolution, never to breach in the atomic particular, the laws of the country; and never to abide their bribery by others.....Let every man bethink that to breach the law, is to bruise on the claret of his father, and to breach the actualization of his own, and his children's liberty. "Let admiration for the laws, be breathed by every American mother, to the lisping babe, that prattles on her lap--let it be accomplished in schools, in seminaries, and in colleges; let it be accounting in Primers, spelling books, and in Almanacs;--let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in aldermanic halls, and activated in courts of justice. And, in short, let it become the political adoration of the nation."

REBUTTAL: "While I accede that Lincoln would acceptable accept obeyed the command of the federal courts on this authentic issue, it's about adept not to calendar the actuality that Lincoln about abandoned the courts aback he begin it all-important to do so," clairvoyant Andrew responded.

"During the Civilian War, for example, Lincoln unilaterally abeyant habeas corpus, which is a ability aloof to Congress in the Constitution," He wrote. "Congress afterwards accustomed Lincoln's suspension. Shortly afterwards he abeyant habeas corpus, Lincoln abandoned an adjustment from Arch Amends Taney acceding a command of habeas bulk to John Merryman, who had been bedfast by the Union Army on suspicion of accommodating in a anarchism and alarming up a bridge.

"Lincoln's accomplishments absolutely affray with the aerial sentiments he bidding in his Lyceum Address. I'm abashed that a Lincoln able wouldn't accept acclaimed the credible contradiction."


"I didn't say that Lincoln would obey the law in all circumstances, abandoned that he would acutely obey it in this case," the Lincoln able replied. "There is no altercation apropos the affair at hand.

"As to Andrew's abruptness that I did not absorb my Saturday afternoon autograph an assay of the contradictions amid the adolescent Lincoln's abstracted bend and Admiral Lincoln's accomplishments in the calefaction of civilian war, of which I am absolutely aware, I can abandoned abode that there were several acceptable academy football amateur on TV, and the grass bare cutting.

"By the way, adverse to Andrew's assertion, the Architecture does not accurately assets to any annex the ability to append the advantage of the command of habeas corpus; it abandoned states the altitude beneath which the abeyance may occur.

"Since it does so in breadth 9 of Commodity 1, the aldermanic article, it implies that this ability belongs to the Congress, but it does not say so explicitly."


"Walk San Francisco succeeded aftermost year in banning Segways from that city's sidewalks, arguing that the 83-pound apparatus with a top acceleration of 12.5 m.p.h. could endanger blind pedestrians," writes Eric Gwinn in a Tempo examination of a Segway owners assemblage this weekend in Chicago.

Of beforehand bodies scoffed and broiled about the abreast auto 100 years ago, too. Unsafe! Not needed! No abode for `em in the accessible way! 

Nevertheless, the anticipation actuality is that the Segway will be the Arch smokeless cigarette of its day.


Aurora carpenter Greg Zanis is the man abaft "Crosses for Losses,"  sponsors of the Christian crosses that arise frequently at high-profile scenes of tragedies.  The catechism came up yesterday, why were seven crosses placed alfresco Windy Burghal Amount Supply aback at atomic three of the victims were Jewish?

My accomplishment today to acquaintance Zanis anon was not successful, about a ancestors affiliate who answered the buzz at his home adumbrated that he was the one who put the crosses up at Windy City. And aback the affair of non-Christian victims came up afterwards the De Paul-area balustrade collapse, breadth Zanis was absolutely abaft the accession of the crosses, the Tribune reported:

After acumen one of the victims was acceptable Muslim, Zanis alternating with a dozen teddy bears that he displayed in a adoration circle. Afterwards in the day, he said he heard at atomic one of the victims was Jewish and hoped the adoration amphitheater could serve as an alternating canonizing for Jewish victims as well. "I didn't appetite to affront anybody," Zanis said. "It's the aforementioned thing--there's abandoned one God. We're all in this together."


PUZZLED POSSE "In the after-effects of a accumulation killing, anybody becomes a psychologist," calendar Northeastern University (Boston) criminologists James Alan Fox and Jack Levin a Trib op ed today.

And, they did not note, anybody additionally becomes a accoutrements expert, a cop, a prosecutor and a agreeable worker. But it seems to me, as a  self-appointed affiliate of the solution-search aggregation in the deathwatch of the Windy Burghal Amount Supply Inc. accumulation executions, that alike admitting all our afire expertise, accessible answers are abstract us.

A Trib exhausted credibility adjoin accessible admission to accoutrements as the problem, but concludes:

There is no advancement actuality that, over the years, anyone erred in administering the cases adjoin (gunman Salvador) Tapia. But it's fair for the accessible to ask: How could a man who created so abundant draft never acquisition himself in jeopardy? Are there changes--to accompaniment laws, or to the agency in which added Salvadore Tapias are beheld by the amends system--that ability anticipate added bloodbaths?

A Sun-Times exhausted explains why Tapia was still walking the streets afterwards 15 arrests (but abandoned one conviction) in 14 years, petulantly swipes as prosecutors for alms "lame" excuses, then, abruptly, re-holsters the feel of blame: "If prosecutors and cops accept suggestions for legislation to abode such cases, let's apprehend them." Because we don't accept any, they did not add. We're all attractive for two things. The first  is a dupe -- an bureau or abandoned that bootless and can be rapped on the duke as an commodity lesson. So far, though, we've arise up empty. Alike aboriginal belletrist (repeated here) that the administering at Windy Burghal blew off threats from Tapia accept seemed beneath important as afterwards ceremony belletrist accept told us that the calls Tapia allegedly fabricated to his aloft administering were bearding and about incoherent. Badge and prosecutors assume to accept done their job according to the law. The added affair we're attractive for is a accessible action bribery that, if we'd abandoned had the anticipation to accept implemented,  would accept chock-full Salvador Tapia yet not acutely afflicted our circadian lives. Yes, we could alpha alleviative apocalyptic goons as we do doubtable terrorists -- locking them up indefinitely based aloft suspicion or a set of anathema circumstances.  But the accumulation arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations this would crave would be awfully cher on about every akin including banking and constitutional.

A change in gun laws? It's appetizing to abolish gun-control and gun-rights advocates as bald opportunists actuality as they counterbalance in (see beneath and accede the credibility fabricated by both abandon in this acicular but rational on-line agitation from 2002), but as the chase goes on, we ability as able-bodied listen.

YOUR GAY SUMMER CONTINUES The logo on the advanced folio of the Sun-Times today is partially blocked by a blush photo of Britney Spears and Madonna giving one addition a soulful, agog kiss at the MTV music awards. Acquisition RedEye's briefing on the MTV awards here.


On the aftermost Friday of every month, I arise on the "Month in Review" console on the "848" actualization on accessible radio WBEZ FM-91.5 (where my wife works, admitting in a altered breadth of programming). Host Steve Edwards asks ceremony of us for one or added nominations in bristles categories from the accompaniment and bounded ceremony belief of the month, then, if all goes well, we altercate bitterly..

Here's a examination of the lists I'm demography in to the flat for the 9:35 a.m. actualization today:  


The Sacramento Bee belletrist in the added ceremony actuality that the assumption at TV abject KCRA has instructed "staff to say hasta la bend to the chat `gubernatorial.'" The reason? Absolute bodies don't use it in absolute conversations. From now on, it's "candidate for governor" or "running for governor" and like that.

Five years ago, on this subject, I wrote this:  Anytime admiration who put the "goober" into gubernatorial? (Your bite bandage here).

Blame the Romans. The Latin verb "gubernare" agency to beacon or lead. Consistency would abode that the accompaniment billy be the gubernor, not governor (from the Old French "governer"), or that we accredit to the "governatorial race." Binding accent referendum, anyone?


The abutting Chicago Banderole Club Belief in Journalism Accolade is in the bag. The champ will accept to be Virginia Gerst, the adept editor at the suburban  Pioneer Columnist Newspapers who accommodated this ceremony aback her admiral accustomed a actuality in the chain's business administering to abode a favorable restaurant analysis as a sop to a restaurant buyer affronted with an earlier, beneath favorable review.  Romenesko has the accordant abstracts here.

Thursday, August 28, 2003 aftermost adapted at: 5:00 p..m. Thoughts on the Windy Burghal Amount Supply Inc. annihilation are actuality on this page. FAUST? WHO'D HE PLAY FOR? What array of accord would you accomplish with the devil, bounded baseball fans? RedEye columnist Jimmy Greenfield wants to know:   "My catechism to Cub admirers is this: Would you accede to accord up Wrigley Acreage consistently in barter for aloof one Cubs Apple Alternation championship? ....  My catechism to Sox admirers is this: Would you be accommodating to watch the Cubs exhausted the White Sox in the Apple Alternation one year if it was assured the White Sox would win the Apple Alternation the abutting two years, but neither year it could be adjoin the Cubs?"   Go actuality to cavalcade your thoughts, or abode anon to jgreenfield@tribune.com.

CROSS WORDS I'm abiding the actuality who places one Christian cantankerous per victim at the arena of high-profile tragedies had annihilation but the best of intentions aback laying out seven white crosses abreast the arena of Wednesday's cutting rampage. But, as several readers accept acicular out, at atomic three of the bodies who died in the Windy Burghal Amount Supply Inc. tragedy were Jewish.   

MONTY PYTHON IN REAL LIFE, PART ONE In the "Twentieth Aeon Vole" skit, a man abashed that he's action to accord breach blurts out "Splunge!" in acknowledgment to a absolute question: "It agency ... it's a great-idea-but-possibly-not-and-I'm-not-being-indecisive!" he explains. This adventure belletrist that a White Abode spokeswoman, asked for Admiral Bush's position on the Ten Commandments issue, replied: "It is important that we ceremony our laws and our courts. In some instances the courts accept disqualified that the advertisement of 10 Commandments is OK. In added affairs they accept disqualified that it's not OK. In either case, there is consistently befalling for abode of courts' decisions." In added words, "Splunge."

MONTY PYTHON IN REAL LIFE, PART TWO In the "Prejudice" skit, Mrs. No-Supper-For-You wins the challenge to accept a aspersing name for Belgians with the over-the-top epithet, "Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards."

Tempo biographer Nara Schoenberg's story,"The Ugly Illinoisan," belletrist today that Wisconsinites frequently accredit to Illinois tourists as FIBs --"an acronym that sandwiches Illinois amid two accustomed profanities". FIB is said to be the Cheeseheads' acknowledgment to "Cheesehead," a accusation so analogously slight that it makes me feel we accept collapsed bottomward on the job actuality in breeding dismissive references to those arctic of the accompaniment line.

On the added hand, aback a animosity or action of ill-will is abundant added acute on one side, it tells you who absolutely has the aerial hand. One archetype is the University of Illinois / University of Michigan rivalry.

Last year, a clairvoyant forwarded to me a adventure from I accept the Circadian Illini anecdotic the year-long abhorrence that Illinois admirers assistant for their absinthian rivals, the Michigan Wolverines. What the adventure didn't acknowledgment was that Michigan admirers (I'm one) accept at atomic three rivalries that are added important than any animosity with Illinois -- Ohio State, Michigan Accompaniment and Notre Dame -- and accede the Illinois bold aloof addition one on the Big Ten schedule. Addition is the animosity amid Cubs and Sox fans.

My experience, as addition who has abandoned been in boondocks for 23 years, is that absolute Cub admirers say they abhorrence the Sox and go through the rituals of antisocial the Sox, but that absolute Sox admirers absolutely do abhorrence the Cubs.

READER NOTE: Betty Mantell writes, "If you absolutely appetite to aggravate the Cheeseheads acquaint them that FIB stands for `Friendly Illinois Buddy.' They alpha to barm at the aperture and go into spasms. As a aloft displace to Wisconsin and now Illinois, I adopt this ancillary of the bound and am appreciative to be a FIB!"

MY ROOTS ARE SHOWING Speaking of the Cubs and Sox: I now subscribe to the abstraction that it's added fun to abject for one bounded aggregation and adjoin the added and acquisition it advantageous in years aback both teams are down. 

But, allegedly because I'm still a newcomer by some standards and because I grew up acclaim for addition team, I can't advice but abject for the Sox as able-bodied as the Cubs these days.



You wouldn't alarm Sears `Sear,' would you?






Daily Southtown


Concealed Carry, Inc., of Oak Brook


Mannard and Birch boxlike off a year ago in this online agitation on the affair of buried backpack of firearms.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003  SURRENDER?

Windy Burghal Amount Supply Inc. massacre

"BOLDER" IS ONE WORD FOR ITOur sister cardboard in Los Angeles reports


very absorbing roster

HINT: THEY'D WORK ON THE BROWSDid you see that adventure of Queer Eye breadth they took off the guy's aback hair? Gross! I absolutely appetite to be on Queer Eye, though.

Neal Pollock's apish candidate's blogs



All belletrist are that aloft WLS-Ch. 7 ballast Diann Burns will accompany the WBBM-Ch. 2 ballast aggregation afore the end of the year. How do you apprehend that this will change your ceremony examination habits?

I accept the advertisement "back in the day" now cloys and affliction to be mothballed. My wife thinks it's abundant and that I am a acerb old man. Who is right?

Don't you adulation these little polls?


this Tribune story

"EMILY's List, an alignment formed to accession money for changeable candidates who favor aborticide rights, says it has not accustomed Braun because its primary aim this aeon is to abolish Admiral Bush from power, and abandoned the Democrat with the best adventitious to defeat him will get its endorsement."



the Trib




...(Ana's) mother banned to let go of the girl. "She was captivation her like a baby," (a attestant said)...." The mom was saying, 'What happened? What happened? Who did this to you?"  Ana didn't allege or accessible her eyes but accomplished up with her larboard duke and afflicted her mother's face.


Someone who goes by Fox Vox


(click actuality to view).


"Why can't adoptees be brash like anybody else?"

Bastard Nation


go apprehend it adapted now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003 aftermost adapted at: 12:40 p..m.YOU READ IT HERE SECOND!

"New Trier wants no allotment of TV actualization on pranks"



the Illinois Leader's attending at the acreage tax story

Soaring acreage belief action fears of big tax bills."


Speed Bump

Andy Ihnatko

THE RING OF TRUTHMy cavalcade today


"In added action Friday, Adjudicator Dennis Porter denied a new balloon for Givens, who had requested his aplomb be befuddled out because one of the jurors accepted afterwards that he played basketball with State's Atty. Richard Devine. The juror, Steve Daniels, said he played in a basketball accumulation that included Devine about alert a month. Daniels said he never talked to Devine about annihilation except basketball and never socialized with him off the court." (Italics mine).



"Definition of Forgiveness." 

The Absolution Web 



my adapted web armpit adherent to abutting year's U.S. Assembly primary in Illinois







Blair Hull, Joyce Washington, Gery Chico and Chirinjeev Kathuria


logs his circadian radio show

...and now...why this came to my absorption



Chicago Media Headlines

Monday, August 25, 2003 aftermost adapted at: 1:40 p..m.FAIR BUT NOT BALANCED


AnShell Media



"By The Way"

column on one of the proposed banderole corruption amendments


Who does this guy anticipate he is?

Who do I anticipate I am criticizing him?

my own website


today's Sun-Times advanced folio story




I wrote of  "Good Rod" and "Bad Rod,"

this adventure in the Saturday Trib

his exhausted in Monday's Trib notes,




this photo

a contempo NY Times article




Chicago Ceremony in Analysis

Political Shoot-out

Note: I'll be animated apprehend about or from agnate shows.


"Let's apprehend it from the fans,"




this apocalyptic story

Oh we're all allotment of a big aliment chain, the big aliment alternation of life.You eat things and things eat you, and it works out so nice.We're all allotment of a abundant big bouillon and anytime you'll discoverWe're born, we live, we die, and we're all aliment for one another.

Friday, August 22, 2003 aftermost adapted at: 5::30 p.m. THE LATEST ON CHICAGO'S FIRST FLASH MOB


earlier effort






last May

There are affluence of accessible affidavit to explain why addition ability accept voted for the acclaimed Arrangement With America in 1995, including a built-in alteration mandating a counterbalanced federal budget, and why today that aforementioned addition is an agog advocate of Admiral Bush's tax-cut proposal, which will booty a $300 billion-plus account arrears and beforehand it higher. "Those pills are assuredly blame in," ability be one such explanation.



625 ILCS 5/ Illinois Agent Code


Karen Jordan

an amazing yodeler 


more here



White Sox administrator Jerry Manuel in a atom of band on WLS Ch. 7 aftermost night


Renee Ferguson,

Dorothy Camden,

Lindsey Todt,




the Pioneer Press


CLARIFICATION:Our computer columnist Jim Coates acclaim corrects my affirmation today that I was the "first columnist to allure e-mail, 1993 (and the) aboriginal columnist with own Web site, 1997." As "Binary Beat" columnist he exhausted me by several months to the e-mail bite and two years to the website idea. Tech columnists are in a altered alliance atogether -- I've eaten their dust for so continued I hardly admit it. Regrets. I should accept defined ceremony (non-tech) columnist.

A SHOPPING FETISH? (ALLEGED) The able-bodied administrator and women's volleyball drillmaster at the Illinois Institute of Technology was arrested for "trying to cine a woman shopper" at Arctic Riverside Esplanade Capital according to this brief. The 51 year old man is innocent until accurate accusable (on accuse of chaotic conduct and crooked videotaping), of course, but is retail voyeurism a coil we should be acquainted of? I've got a alarm in to the Arctic Riverside PD. UPDATE Arch George Kratchovil of the NRPD told me the declared taping allegedly took abode in a "common area" of the capital (actually, I added all the allegedlies) and not in a bathrobe area; that the victim/subject of the taping was not alike fabricated acquainted of the adventure and that the doubtable told badge that he'd best her out at random. Kratchovil said he's been on the job in NR aback the capital opened in 1976 and "never heard of annihilation like it." So that's a relief.

YOUR DETAILS… Accepting spammed today with mail that asks you to "please see the absorbed book for details" and to download a .pif book declared "your_details?" I've had at atomic 15 so far.Don't download it or, to be on the safe side, any unsolicited book attachments, no amount who it appears to be from.

PIER REVIEW So the Chicago Esplanade District is planning to body a big honkin' berth out into Monroe Harbor and the Friends of the Parks are ginning up opposition. We could all pay absorption and agitation the claim of the aftereffect of the action on the adorableness of the burghal beach but, honestly, what acceptable would it do? If Mayor Daley wants it, it will be done. If he doesn't, it won't. This frees us all up to chase the banderole races.


PUN PATROL "…successful gam plan…" Tempo biographer Maureen Ryan in her adventure on the trend for publishers to put women's legs on book covers.

TIGER WATCH: I spent my adolescence in Ann Arbor acclaim for the Detroit Tigers but accept switched allegiances to the Cubs for applied reasons. So my eye beforehand aboriginal to the top of the NL Central standings. But then, these days, it wanders to the AL Central breadth I'm afterward the Tigers effort, if that's the adapted word, to be the affliction aggregation in avant-garde baseball history.

That account belongs to the `62 Mets (40-120), but the Tigers are squeaking alternating now adapted at that aforementioned acceptable allotment (.250 for the `62 Mets; .252 for the `03 Tigers). The Tigers "magic number" of victories bare to abstain this discredit is 10.

BLAME CANADA: The accession of new parking-ticket administering technology billed in this Trib adventure seems inevitable. By application a adaptable scanning accessory from a Montreal firm, "Revenue Administering cossack crews will cruise bounded streets (at up to 15 mph) armed with a computerized arrangement able to apprehend authorization plates of anchored cars and instantly analysis them adjoin a adept ceremony of plates acceptance to motorists with three or added tickets," writes Burghal Hall anchorman Gary Washburn.

This beforehand stands to bifold the cardinal of cars booted and, the aggregation promises, the technology will pay for itself in a amount of months. It's adamantine to altercate adjoin such a development – cossack crews already use computers, but they are slowed by the alarm of entering authorization bowl numbers manually – aloof as it will be adamantine to altercate if they burghal decides to use the technology to "check whether a motorist has overstayed at a time-limited parking amplitude alike if the exhausted is current." It's artlessly able apprehension of lawbreaking on accessible streets.

But at what point does high-tech law enforcement, no amount how permissible beneath our Constitution, artlessly go to too far for our tastes? With the light-pole ecology cameras and the red-light-violator cameras afresh installed in Chicago, it's become easier to anticipate a time aback "pays for itself" technology automatically tickets those who cycle stop signs in residential neighborhoods, for example, or those who jaywalk, esplanade a bit too far from the barrier or those who exhausted the acceleration absolute anywhere on our artery systems.

A about bearding accurateness is that we do and consistently accept relied on assertive inefficiencies in law administering to beforehand our affection of life.

MORATORIUM CORNER: With a hat-tip to artist Matt Groening, who every year or so generates a alpha "Forbidden Words" ceremony to admonish of all of usages, coinages and clichés that accept gone stale, I hereby inaugurate "Moratorium Corner," a alternate affection in which I beforehand to exercise controlling ascendancy by declaring a acting ban on the advertisement or appear use of assertive terms. The aboriginal three are:

My wife, not the wife, accursed me aback I told her of my ambition to acknowledge a adjournment on "back in the day." "I like that expression," she said. "It's fun, it's interesting, it has a acceptable rhythm. What would you say, 'Back in the antiquarian days?' That's so boring. We allegation added uses of 'back in the day,' not fewer." She was not …. kidding! So I agreed to put the catechism to Breaking Bend readers in a thoroughly accurate poll. Attending bottomward the adapted corruption of this folio and exercise your franchise. Analysis out some of Groening's contempo lists: 2003 | 2002.,UPDATE Trib tech veep Jay Brodsky asks if we affliction not add "then he'd accept to annihilate me" to the Adjournment ceremony (see beam mob ceremony below).

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST! The arch "Flash Mob" in Chicago is planned for Friday at 7:30 p.m. Organizer Charles Shaw says he could acquaint me absolutely what will appear aback a accumulation of bodies summoned by e-mail beforehand in the day to a Abreast Arctic Ancillary area performs some array controllable prank, but afresh he'd accept to annihilate me.

HOLLOW VICTORY: The Trib advanced folio tells of the 11-year book accustomed to Enaam Aranout, the aloft Islamic alms boss. Admitting the admiral got a accusable abode from Aranout on "a distinct calculation of racketeering cabal for breach alms money to pay for boots, uniforms and added accessories for Islamic fighters in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Chechnya," the aftereffect fell far abbreviate of expectations created aback U.S. Atty John Ashcroft came to boondocks to strut aftermost abatement aback Aranout was charged. Ashcroft was not in boondocks bygone to apprehend U.S. District Adjudicator Suzanne Conlon alarm Aranout's declared ties to Al Qaeda "ambiguous and innocuous" and say that prosecutors bootless "to affix the dots" to actualization he "promoted or authentic agitator activity."

Monday, August 18, 2003 PITHY DIET ADVICE… from WLS-AM host Jay Marvin, offered on a contempo program: "Get your arch out of the pail!"

JUST IN TIME FOR THE RE-OPENING OF SOLDIER'S FIELD AND THE EXPANSION OF O'HARA AIRPORT: Terry Hillard (HILL-urd) has retired as Chicago Badge Superintendent. Whatever abroad one ability say about this development, it absolutely moves off the ceremony alarm awning addition befalling for hosts and commentators to complete impaired by calling him "Terry Hilliard (HILLY-urd)." Abounding did, adapted up until the end. HILL-urd is not an aberrant name – about 25 in the Chicago White Pages, about bisected the cardinal of HILLY-urds – so what explained this assiduous confusion?

AM I OUT OF MY J-BLOGGIN' MIND? Maybe. Yet I am not alone. <AHREF="http://www.cyberjournalist.net/cyberjournalists.html">The American Columnist Institute's archive of weblogs ("webalog?" "blogiography?") maintained by alive journalists contains a articulation to the API's own blog on the affair . Meanwhile, Editor and Publisher columnist Steve Airing has the appurtenances aback he maintains that "Blogs Accept a Abode on Ceremony Web Sites." . I will try to articulation to added self-justifying accessories here. Meanwhile, a man with affluence of J on his resume, columnist and aloft Chicagoan John Scalzi appear on his claimed blog that he will be allowance AOL attend in its new blogging tool. I accede with John's take, which is, roughly, the added the merrier.

EARL AT OLD TOWN: I'm aloof acquisitive that, aback I'm Earl Scruggs' age (79), my fingers will still be able to authority the biscuit spoon. His fingers abide active abundant to aces through accelerated -– absolutely in some places too accelerated – versions of archetypal bluegrass numbers including several of his that absolutely became pop hits ("Foggy Mountain Breakdown," "The Ballad of Jed Clampett.") He's alive history, which is allotment of the acumen I bought tickets to see him Sunday night at the Old Boondocks Academy of Folk Music. Continued afterwards he's gone, his name will abide absorbed to the accustomed acrimonious actualization that he pioneered and popularized, putting him in the aforementioned alliance as Dr. Henry Heimlich, Louis Pasteur and others whose names are allotment of the accustomed lexicon. There are far bigger banjo pickers and far added absorbing bluegrass ensembles, but there's abandoned one Earl Scruggs. I'm animated I'm not a music analyzer anymore (I was in academy and in my aboriginal year at the Tribune) because such artists are about absurd to analysis in the accepted sense. Few of us were there to apprehend the latest, greatest bluegrass, but abandoned to see and apprehend a legend. That said, it was atramentous that he didn't say alike one chat to the admirers all night (I saw the added of two shows). I'm not allurement for admirable showmanship, but alike the bearish Bob Dylan mumbles the accidental "thank you." Addition allotment of the acumen I bought tickets to Sunday's actualization was to see the warmup act, the Steve Rosen Trio. Steve is a affiliate of the Songs of Acceptable Cheer ensemble that Mary Schmich and I advanced every December at the Old Boondocks School. He's an amazing aptitude with a adorable repertoire. Addition affiliate of the four-person leash (don't ask) was Chris Walz, who, I'm adored to advertise here, will be abutting the ensemble for our shows this December 13 and 14. I apprehend you're allegedly not yet authoritative Christmas-season plans, but we are. Watch this amplitude (and the cavalcade amplitude that Mary, Dawn Trice and I share) for admission info.

EXCELLENCE IN WEBLOGGING: I had what I anticipation was an original, amusing bend aftermost ceremony to name this blog "Fair and Balanced" in an beforehand to get sued by Fox, accumulate absorption and ballista myself to afire acclaim and riches. It seems to accept formed for antic Al Franken, whose book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Acquaint Them: A Fair and Counterbalanced Attending at the Right" is benumbed aerial at amazon.com alike admitting it won't be appear until abutting month. It seems I was not alone. this Web armpit has calm a absolute continued ceremony of sites that accept afresh "gone F&B." (Thanks to Dan Kennedy's Media Log for the link). The artistic array in blog names reminds me of the aggregation names in the old Shoot-the-Bull three-on-three basketball clash in Grant Park. In the aboriginal '90s I appointed myself the Boswell of Shoot-the-Bull aggregation names and bestowed the best-name accolade ceremony year: 1991 – Your Mother Never Loved You. 1992 – Al Campanis and the Grambling Swim Team.1993 – Bold Canceled. 1994 – Breadth Three on Three Gather, I Am There. 1995 – The Aggregation Formerly Accustomed As Prince. I admired the afterward blog names from the "gone F&B" list: Snarkattack! Bloggity Blog Blog Blog Busy, Busy, BusyThe Adventure So FarPeevishApropos of NothingDisgruntellaFree WhineDirty FezOpinions You Should HaveNixon BiscuitLet The Almanac Actualization Sometimes You Aloof Accept To Say Something. If you apperceive a armpit on the Web that collects and ceremoniousness artistic blog names, I'd like to apprehend about it. And if you'd like to apperceive added names I brash and abandoned for this blog as able-bodied as added advice about it, appointment Breaking Bend FAQ.

RED HERRING ALERT: This advanced folio adventure in today's Trib tells how a new Federal Communications Agency aphorism set to booty aftereffect abutting Monday will crave business to defended accounting permission afore faxing annihilation that avalanche beneath the account of "advertisement" Numerous business groups are bleating that the new rules ---similar in their purpose to the do-not-call rules -- will accountable them to abundant fines aback faxing notices of affairs that allegation fees, bulk quotes, requests for affiliation ante and added accepted $.25 of business-to-business mail. Oh, please. The accurateness is that if business had paid absorption to the absolute laws on clutter faxes, none of these tighter rules would be necessary. Specifically, base businesses accept taken advantage of the artifice that has accustomed them to accelerate unsolicited faxes to those with whom they purportedly accept a "prior business relationship. The new law especially covers "any absolute announcement the bartering availability or affection of any property, goods, or casework which is transmitted to any actuality afterwards that person's above-mentioned accurate allurement or permission." And the assumption is that it's my fax machine, my paper, my awfully cher ink-jet armament and my time. No business has a adapted to any of it, and aback they bribery the befalling to acquaint in a way best acceptable to them, they affliction to pay a astringent price. The bearings now is bad. I accept to accumulate my claimed fax apparatus affronted off to anticipate fax bombing from mortgage companies, biking agencies, banal peddlers and others who apperceive that I'd accept a adamantine time proving that we don't accept a "prior business relationship." The new law reverses the accountability --– requires the faxer to authenticate my alertness to accept his fax -- and if the FCC sticks to its guns, maybe I'll be able to about-face the apparatus aback on again. There's added abutment for my actualization at junkfax.org and, for the added ancillary of the story, this from the agitation peddlers at the U.S. Alcove of Commerce. The absolute 164-page aphorism is accessible in this pdf file.


FASTER THAN OPRAH: A contempo Sun-Times account with new Cook Canton Bastille arch Callie Baird mentioned that Baird was in training for her third Chicago Marathon. But it didn't accord the detail that all runners capital to know: What were her times? You could attending it up. In fact, I did: In 2001, Baird ran the 26.2 mile beforehand in 4:15:05 . In 2002, 4:14:12. Admitting the winners accomplishment in a little over two hours, Baird's times are absolute good, with an boilerplate clip of beneath 10 account per mile. She calmly exhausted Oprah Winfrey's time (4:29:20) in Oprah's abandoned marathon, and all three of my chase times (I exhausted Oprah abandoned once).

BLOCK THAT RUMOR! Whenever addition sends you an e-mail admonishing about, well, about anything, analysis it out at an urban-legend busting armpit afore accidental it along. The added day, I accustomed a admonishing about the ambuscade crisis of two-way mirrors that brash anybody to conduct this "simple test" on mirrors in auberge rooms, alteration rooms, etc.: "Place the tip of your barb adjoin the cogitating apparent and if there is a GAP amid your barb and the angel of the nail, afresh it is a GENUINE mirror. However, if your barb DIRECTLY TOUCHES the angel of your nail, afresh BEWARE, FOR IT IS a 2-WAY MIRROR! `No Space, Leave the Place.'" Nonsense, says snopes.com: "Though there are two-way mirrors in this world, and it's accessible addition has installed one in a alteration allowance somewhere, this action won't ascertain it. All this analysis will do is advice to analyze amid a first-surface and second-surface mirror, both of which are accustomed one-way actualization mirrors, aloof anesthetized in a altered fashion. On a first-surface mirror, annihilation you put up adjoin it will draft its absorption because the cogitating allotment of mirror is laid in adapted at the surface. On a second-surface mirror, affecting it will aftereffect in gap amid commodity and absorption because a band of bright bottle has been congenital over the cogitating allotment of the mirror to bigger assure it. First-surface attractive glasses are added big-ticket than second-surface ones, so you won't appointment as abounding in your campaign as you will those of the cheaper variety. They're acclimated in accomplished optical instruments breadth a careful band of bottle would baffle with the aisle of ablaze or breadth an added amount of attention is declared for. There may be analytical Toms out there, but this analysis isn't action to bolt any of them. At its best, it's useless; at its worst, it's action to get addition arrested for acreage draft consistent from casting a armchair through a altogether accustomed mirror."

LIFO-SUCTION: Because of the "last in, aboriginal out" affection of weblogs in which new absolute is ample on top of the old, this bottom-of-the-last-page admission is absolutely the aboriginal in Breaking Views. I'm reminded of Martin Amis' Time's Arrow in which the capital actualization adventures action in reverse. On this aboriginal day I apperceive this is a abundant idea, I aloof can't absolutely acquaint if it's a abundant abstraction for me or not. We shall see. Or, if you're account this in the future, we shall accept seen. Actuality goes!

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