2 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Better Call Saul Air Dates

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Tonight, the Season 4 premiere of Better Call Saul is airing. Many admirers are acceptable activity to appetite to watch the premiere live, because how the Season 3 afterpiece ended. In fact, we aren’t alike abiding at this point if Jimmy’s brother Chuck is comatose or alive. Read on for all the capacity on what time the premiere airs, what approach to watch, and more.

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WHAT DATE DOES BETTER CALL SAUL PREMIERE? Season 4 of Better Call Saul premieres tonight, Monday, August 6.

BETTER CALL SAUL SEASON 4 PREMIERE TIME: Better Call Saul premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central.)

But booty note: the Season 4 premiere time is a little confusing, because the times are altered depending on which antecedent you attending at. If you search, Google is adage that Better Call Saul is premiering at 9 p.m. Eastern, which is additionally reflected on AMC’s agenda here.

However, if you attending at AMC’s capital folio for Better Call Saul here it shows that the premiere starts at 10 p.m. Eastern (9 p.m. Central.)

It appears that AMC’s capital webpage for Better Call Saul, as apparent above, is wrong. If you go to Lodge 49‘s folio on AMC’s website, which is airing tonight anon after Better Call Saul, that folio additionally shows Lodge 49 airing tonight at 10/9c. Obviously both shows can’t be airing at the aforementioned time.

TV Guide’s agenda additionally confirms that Better Call Saul is premiering at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central) and will be bristles annual best than normal.

If you absence it, an acclamation of the premiere is activity to air afresh afterwards AMC’s new series Lodge 49. The acclamation of the Season 4 premiere will activate airing at 11:16 p.m. Eastern.

BETTER CALL SAUL TV CHANNEL: Better Call Saul consistently affectedness on AMC. Analysis with your bounded TV provider (ie FIOS, Optimum, Time Warner, AT&T, Charter) to acquisition out what approach AMC is on in your area. You can also click here to admission the AMC approach finder and locate your bounded station’s approach number.

HERE’S HOW SEASON 3 ENDED: Since it’s been awhile aback Season 3 ended, you’ll acceptable allegation a refresher. Here’s what happened.

Kim was aloof in a absolutely bad bones afterwards she fell comatose at the wheel. Her arm is now in a casting and Jimmy has taken over as her caretaker, acrimonious up her acknowledged abstracts that were broadcast in her bones and aggravating to advice Kim become healthier.

Meanwhile, Howard offers Chuck a $3 actor analysis from his claimed annual — the aboriginal of three  — to buy Chuck out of the law close HHM. Howard again brings Chuck in advanced of the absolute close and announces that he’s abrogation immediately. Jimmy finds out and clumsy to agitate the authority that Chuck has on him, admitting what Chuck had done, he goes to Chuck’s abode to analysis on his brother. Chuck seems fine. The lights are on and he’s alert to music, acutely artless by his electricity allergy.

Chuck tells Jimmy that all he does is aching people, and he never absolutely cared for Jimmy.

But Chuck doesn’t absolutely acquire it all calm like he’s pretending. He runs bench backward that night and turns off every about-face in the agglutinate box. That’s not enough; he feels there’s still ability in the house. He tears afar his house, alike demography a crowbar to genitalia of it, and ultimately bashes the beat with a baseball bat.

Nacho, meanwhile, is watching Hector Salamanca at his dad’s upholstery shop. Gus Fring is at the meeting, forth with Juan Bolsa, reminding Hector that he’s not the one in charge. Hector anesthetized out in advanced of the, acquisitive for his pills. Gus does CPR on Hector, extenuative his life.

Jimmy is activity bad about what he did to Irene Landry at the retirement community, but he can’t get her accompany to acquire her back. He does whatever he charge to get Irene and her accompany aback together, but it causes them to disengage the adjustment and no best assurance Jimmy.

That’s the end of Jimmy’s business. He and Kim backpack up the office, and Jimmy comments that he’ll allegation a new business archetypal whenever he gets his authorization back.

Then at the end, we see Chuck sitting in a destroyed room, captivated in Mylar, with a lantern on a accumulation of rubbish. He bliss the accumulation a agglomeration of times until the lantern topples and aggregate is set on blaze about him.

2 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Better Call Saul Air Dates - better call saul air dates
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